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Thousands of people have planned the transfer of their estates with the help of Attorney Keith McManus, a leader in the field in Southeastern Mass.

Attorney McManus has practiced estate planning law since 1996 and educates members of the public about transferring wealth to their heirs without the lengthy and potentially expensive probate process.

In addition to running his firm, McManus Estate Planning, LLC, Attorney McManus appears every week on the radio program Retirement Roadmap, which airs on WXTK, WRKO, and WBZ News Radio.

Attorney McManus, who graduated from Boston University in 1993 and earned his Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University, is well versed in both complex estates and those that are simple to plan. His practice helps clients avoid probate and litigation by creating and funding trusts, whose assets remain under the control of the person who owns the trust. Anyone can create and fund a trust: You don't have to be wealthy to take advantage of all a trust can do for your heirs.